What do you do if you get a defective item? (Pls do keep the box of the item)

If you unfortunately get a defective item, we apologize and pls provide with following basic information to our e-mail address: support@CBDTools.com , we would deal with and send the replacement as soon as possible.
You order number on our website 
B.The serial number of the product, you could find out on the back of the box, and pls take a photo.
C.A video to show the problem, and also take some photos.

How long will you get the feedback for the defective item?

We collect your information for the defective item, and would pass these information to our supplier at that moment. As our supplier have fixed time to deal with all defective items in each month, they would get back to us in 2 weeks or 4 weeks, once we get the reply and get the replacement, we will get back to you and send out the replacement with updating the tracking number.

What do you do if you get the damage items? 

For this case, pls do take a photo of the outside package for your parcel to show if the package is damaged, and open the box, and take a photo of inside box to show if there is some padding to protect the products. 
For damaged items, pls do take some photos to show the problem and do provide with their serial numbers

About Refund (Once you raise the requirement for refund, it would be done in a week)

A.When you raise to cancel your order for the pre-order item or the item unavailable, we would agree to cancel after checking.
B.Once you place order and regret to order or order the wrong item, we would agree to issue refund based on the case of your order not sending out.

The shipping for special countries:

There is no Expedited Shipping Service for Austria, Brasil, Greece, Iraq, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates. we just can try and ship by the NL Post (Netherlands Post Office ) and SP Post (Singapore Post Office). As the prohibition for e-cig, we couldn’t ensure absolutely that the product can go through the custom of these countries. If your parcel were detained by custom, we would just return 30% of money of your order to you and the shipping fees won't refund.

Why are your parcel returned by Post Office?

A.Your postal code is not correct or your address is not detailed
B.The receiver refuse the parcel
C.Unable to deliver to receiver for a long time. When postman is unable to deliver your parcel for the first time, they would leave a pickup mail and would keep for several days, if you do not claim it, the parcel would be returned. For this case, you need to make an appointment with Post Office to pick up the parcel.

Why can’t you have a view for your order on your account?

Pls do create an account first and place your order with signing in your account.

If you have any questions, pls feel free to contact with us by e-mail: support@cbdtools.net

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