Rosin Press Machine is an equipment used for the extraction of cannabinoids with the use of pressure and heat which consists of two plates pressed firmly against each other creating a force strong enough to facilitate extraction from marijuana. 

Rosin Press Machine is a recent innovation in the ever advancing world of technology dating back to its release in 2015, Rosin Press Machine is a solvent-free equipment that makes the extraction of Butane Harsh Oil (BHO) easy, giving it an edge over the previously time-consuming practice used to harvest resin needed to produce BHO because it depends on pressure and heat. 

There has been a lot of buzz going around about this product, and it is an equipment everyone interested in the marijuana extraction should have. The Rosin Press Machine takes very little processing time and yield rosin in just a few seconds. Rosin is the hard amber-colored residue of the resin after distilling off the volatile oil of turpentine. 

Mode of Operation

Rosin Press Machine uses the heat extraction to operate through a heat extraction method using a usual and a conventional household hair straightener, even any other type of flat heat press machinery, used in pressing out the cannabinoid resin and terpene from the marijuana. When using this machine, you need to be knowledgeable about what sort of temperature is most suitable for the type of resin you want to process:

A higher pressure of up to 220F-250F results in less terpene, more yield and the resulting material being less stable forming sap-like consistency. 

However, lower pressure, on the other hand, gives more terpene, low yield, and the resulting material being more stable forming a butter-like honey consistency. This is very helpful to know which of the temperature range is perfect to understand that if the press you possess is able to do the job. Moreover, you can always trust our Rosin Press Machine to get the job done for you, at CBD Tools we have two types of this amazing product, Rosin Press Machine KP-1, and Rosin Press Machine KP-2. 

Our products are fully automated and will make the extraction process easy for you. We have the prices listed on our website, our prices are competitive, but you might want to consider it a lifetime investment when you get one. When buying the Rosin Press Machine, you might want to make sure you are buying the best product and safe to use. 

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